2020 scholarships support engineering students—and strengthen Minnesota’s workforce

The words "2020 engineering scholars" over a background of chairs in a classroom

Engineering Alliance Foundation Minnesota is proud to introduce a new slate of engineering scholars. These undergraduate engineering students will receive financial and professional support from the foundation.

The 2020 engineering scholars are:

  • Hannah Dasyum
  • Carly Daugherty
  • Jenson Draper
  • Elizabeth Heile
  • Matthew Henderson
  • Cullen Hilliker
  • Madison King
  • Maren Mosley
  • Jaakob Pesola
  • Chloe Weber

Quick facts

Get to know the scholars in a flash! The 2020 scholars:

  • Represent three Minnesota colleges
  • Pursue studies across five disciplines
  • Serve as leaders in more than six campus organizations related to engineering.
2020 scholars represent 3 colleges, 5 disciplines and leadership of 6+ campus organizations

We are confident in the capacity of Minnesota’s undergraduate engineering students to influence the future of engineering. Why? Just look at what our scholars have achieved to date:

  • Co-authored two journal articles
  • Co-founded a new campus chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA)
  • Traveled abroad to build on-the-ground engineering skills
  • Designed a system to wash produce on a farm
  • Made design modifications in order to improve manufacturability of a new product.

Learn more about the dreams these students will power with the support of their Engineering Alliance Foundation Minnesota scholarship.

Meet the 2020 engineering scholars.

About the scholarship program

The scholarship program is the flagship effort of Engineering Alliance Foundation Minnesota. This is just one of many opportunities we provide to influence the future of engineering.

Scholarships are funded by our endowment as well as by individuals who are inspired to create a scholarship in honor of a cause, organization or individual. Thanks to our partners and the support of generous individuals, we can count on a strong future for Minnesota’s workforce.

The scholarship competition opens each fall. Learn more about how to apply for a scholarship.

About Engineering Alliance Foundation Minnesota

We provide opportunities to influence the future of engineering through scholarships, outreach & collaboration. Founded in 1962, we collaborate with Engineering Alliance Minnesota to foster the next generation of engineers. Contact us to get involved.